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Online Oracle HRMS - Payroll Training commencing on  

This is an intensive training over two weekends [In total 4Days].

You will learn core skills in Oracle Applications Payroll Implementation Release 12 in this course.

This training is for anyone who wants to make their career as an Oracle HRMS Consultant. To know any of the modules in Oracle HRMS, you should have good knowledge of HR and Payroll. Hence, they are backbone of Oracle HRMS modules and should be taken first before knowing anything else in Oracle HRMS.

From the market point of view, HR and Payroll consultants are in high demand and paid to satisfaction compared to any other sectors in the IT-Industry. Anyone with HR and Payroll functional knowledge outside Oracle, or with technical knowledge of Oracle Pl/SQL, or new to Oracle with experience in other Oracle modules can easily grasp these technologies and can build a successful career.

Commencement Date:

Training Duration: 4 Days

Training Schedule:- 

Timing: 01:00PM GMT | 8:00AM EST | 5:00AM PST | 7:00AM CST | 6:00AM MST | 6:30PM IST | 02:00PM GMT+1

Course Fee -USD 399

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Oracle Payroll Training - USD 399

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See the Detailed Course Breakdown Below By Scrolling Down

Oracle Payroll Topics Covered Can be seen below

Day 1

Trainer will teach you basics of HRMS & AOL on the first day. 

Day2 and Day 3
Basics and advanced Oracle Payroll.

Advanced payroll continued + assistance in completing exercises+mock interview session

Day 1  Introduction to HRMS Concepts & AOL

  • AOL - User, Responsibility, Menus, Functions, Flexfields, Concurrent Programs
  • Work Structures - Business Group, Organizations
  • HRMS Person Model and Person Form
  • HRMS Assignment Model and Assignment Form
  • Flexfields - Job, Position, Grade, Address etc.

Day 2 Onwards- Oracle Payroll Begins

Introduction to Oracle Payroll.
  • Understand the architecture of Oracle Payroll and the core functionality of the module.
  • Understand underlying principles of Date Tracking.
  • Basic design principles for implementing and maintaining Oracle Payroll.
Elements: the foundation blocks for Oracle Payroll.
  • This module explains the underlying database and functionality supporting the definition, award and processing of payroll elements.
  • Understand how to create elements and the impact of specific settings.
  • Element eligibility.
  • Balance classification and creation of user defined balances.
  • Standard element reporting.
Introduction to FastFormula.
  • Explain how FastFormula is used by Oracle HRMS with specific note to Payroll.
  • Provide an understanding of the FastFormula database structures.
  • Understand what a Database item is and how to use them in Formula.
  • How to create and maintain formulae.
Guide to Formula programming.
  • This section will teach how to write basic FastFormula.
  • Basic Formula syntax and programming.
  • How external functions, Database items and global values are used to extend the power and flexibility of Oracle FastFormula.
  • Rate Tables and DateTrack.
Controlling Formula results and processing.
  • This will explain how results for FastFormula and defined and controlled.
  • Explain the different types of results and their impact on processing.
  • Examples of other uses of FastFormula including skip rules and input validation.
Payroll processing.
  • This will explain how to process a payroll.
  • How to inspect, correct and retry/rerun payroll processing.
  • Rolling back payroll runs and processes.
  • Illustrate the post run processing of an end-to-end payroll cycle, from both a functional and a database perspective.
  • Understand Process interlocks.
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