Some FAQ's related to this course:

1) Where is the Location of training?
This training is done online on weekends, using interactive Web Conferencing software. Hence you do not need to travel and can attend the training from home. The participants will be able to get their queries answered in real-time from the trainer.

2) How about Audio?
You will listen to the instructor using an interactive audio Conferencing software. Hence, this training will be more of a one on one interaction training where you can ask your doubts at time of training session. 

3) What is the Version of the Training?
The Training will be conducted on R12.1.1 Version.

4) What are training requirements?
A good quality headphone & microphone to listen & speak to the trainer is must. You can hear the trainer through phone but to talk to him you need to have a microphone.

5) What is the cost of the training course?
$399 (Three Hundred & Ninety Nine US Dollars Only) for entire course. 

6) What will be the timings of training?

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) - 1:00 noon
Eastern Standard Time (EST) - 9:00 am
United Kingdom (GMT +1) - 2:00 pm
Pacific Standard Time (PST) - 6:00 am
Central Standard Time (CST) - 8:00 am
Mountain Standard Time (MST) - 7:00 am 
Indian Standard Time (IST) - 6:30 pm

7) What is the duration of each training session?
The duration of each session will be 7  hours (depending upon topic) 

8) During training, will we have access to the environment to practice?
We will guide you with the Training Environment Setup, so that you can practice on your own machine. Also Remote logins will be provided if required.

9) Would we be provided with learning material?
Trainer will provide training presentations along with lab exercises for real life practical use cases.

10) What are the pre-requisites of this course?

Basic idea of the following:
-  Application Developer Resp - DFF / KFF , Value sets, Concurrent programs etc.
-  System Administrator Resp - Setting up user, Responsibility, Profiles etc.

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