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Hyperion Essbase Training

We are pleased to announce our new online course on Online Hyperion Essbase Training commencing on
Essbase is market leader in OLAP database and used for analysis of huge data with the speed of thought. Most of the Fortune companies implemented Hyperion for analysis & reporting. 

This training will include:                                                                                                                              

*Understanding Multidimensional Databases
*Lab : Installation & Configuration, Essbase administration Services, Shared Services, Hyperion Provider server, Hyperion Essbase Server, Smart view.                                                                                                        
*Designing Multidimensional Application & Database
*Building Dimensions                                                                                                                          
*Dynamic Dimension Build & Data Load                                                                      
*Data Retrieving and Calculation                                                  
*Calculating Data & Security assignment

Commencement Date: 

Training Schedule:

Training Duration:  6 Days

Timings: 12:00 Noon GMT | 07:00AM EST | 4:00AM PST | 6:00AM CST | 5:00AM MST | 5:30PM IST  | 01:00PM GMT+1

Course Fee: USD 599

Paypal accepts all major credit cards. Alternately you can make Paypal account, link your bank account to paypal & then transfer money to our paypal account. We also accept payment on phone.

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See the Detailed Course Breakdown Below by Scrolling Down

Course content

Day 1- Understanding Multidimensional Databases

•    Introduction to MDDB/OLAP concepts
•    Introduction to Essbase
•    Essbase Architecture
•    Introduction to System 9
•    Difference MOLAP/ RDBM
•    Installation and Configuration on Windows

LAB:  Installation & Configuration, Essbase administration Services, Shared Services, Hyperion Provider server, Hyperion Essbase Server, Smart view

Day 2 - Designing Multidimensional Application & Database

•    Drafting Outlines
•    Adding members to Outline
•    Dimension and Member Properties
•    Dimension Types
•    Member Storage Properties

Practice Sessions: Trainees would have developed their first Multidimensional Application and Database

Day3- Building Dimensions

•    Setting Time and Account Dimension Properties
•    Attribute Dimension
•    UDA’s
•    Difference between UDA's and Attributes and Alias

Lab: Practice Sessions that covers everything that has been taught up till now

Day 4- Dynamic Dimension Build & Data Load

•    Understanding Dimension Building Concepts
     Data Load using Spread sheet Add-in Lock and Send
•    Understanding Data Loading
•    Creating Rules Files

Lab: Trainees would have developed Dimension Build and Data load using Build References and Add-in Lock and Send

Day 5- Data Retrieving and Calculation

•    Data Load using Smart View
•    Calculating Essbase Databases
•    Developing Formulas
•    Defining Calculation Order
•    Understanding Intelligent Calculation
•    Developing Calculation Scripts

Lab: Practice Sessions that covers How to calculate Database using Formula and calc Script

Day 6-Calculatating Data & Security assignment

•    Integration with data Sources
•    Security Assignment
•    ASO and BSO Difference
•    Partitioning
•    Substitution Variable
Spreadsheet Add-in - Retrieve data, Changing data, Add-in Options, Formatting and creating reports using Add-in

Essbase Administration - Start/Stop Application and Database, View Server properties, Server Sessions, Server Data Locks, Locked Objects, View Server Log Files, Backup & Recovery

Essbase Server Files - Essbase Agent, Essbase Server, Essbase.cfg, Essbase.sec

Essbase Block Size - Calculate Block size and number of blocks, Index & Page files

LAB: Practice Sessions that covers Database Calculation and Security assignment and Spreadsheet Add-in 

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