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Oracle RAC DBA (10g/11g) Training

This is an intensive 6-day, full time hands-on in Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) course.

Unlike other Oracle RAC tuning classes, it will provide you step by step guidance to create RAC environment at your home PC using VMWARE a freeware software. The course focuses on RAC architecture, installation, patching, administration, backup and recovery and tuning. The course will also include specialized Oracle RAC tuning script for monitoring all of the critical RAC performance areas.

Commencement Date:  

Training Schedule : 

Training Duration:  6 Days

Timings : 12:00 Noon GMT | 07:00AM EST | 4:00AM PST | 6:00AM CST | 5:00AM MST | 5:30PM IST  | 01:00PM GMT+1

Course Fee: USD 599

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Course Contents :

Day 1:
Introduction :
Introduction of Clusters
Types of Clusters
Components of Clusters
Hardware Requirements of Clusters
Define Oracle Real Application Clusters
List the Advantages of Using RAC
RAC Architecture And Concepts
SGA Structures
Background Processes

Oracle 11g RAC Overview :
Operating System preparation for RAC
Introduction to Network Hardware
Private and Public Network configuration
SHMMAX and Semaphores for Oracle 11g RAC
Groups and Users for Oracle Software
Cluster Setup Tasks
Introduction to 11g RAC daemons

Storage Options for RAC Database files :
Introduction to ASM
Advantages of ASM
Parameters used to configure ASM
Parameters used for RAC database
RAC Initialization Paramater Files

Day 2 :
RAC Installations :
Installing Cluster Ready  Services
Install Database Software

RAC Database Creation:
Creating the Cluster Database
Manage redo log groups in a RAC environment
Manage undo tablespaces in a RAC environment
Archiving schemes in RAC

Day 3 :
OCFS [Oracle Cluster File System] :
Introduction to OCFS2 File system
Advantages of OCFS2
RAC Database creation of OCFS

Enterprise Manager requirement in RAC :
Enterprise manager configuration for RAC
Administrating Services with EM
Administering Alerts with EM

RAC Administration :
SRVCTL necessity in RAC
Starting and Stopping instances and database
Enabling and Disabling services
Working with spfile in RAC environment
Management of OCR and Voting Disk. (Addin, Removing, Backup)

Day 4 :
Managing Backup and Recovery in RAC :
Consideration for Logical Backups in RAC
Physical Backup and Recovery in RAC through RMAN
Migration to RAC (single instance to multi-instance)

Day 5 :
Design for high availability :
Adding Node and deleting nodes in existing RAC

Day 6 :
High availability connections configuration and Services in RAC :
Configure server side connect -time load balancing
Configure client side connect -time load balancing
Configure and manage services with srvctl commands

RAC performance tuning aspects :
Determine RAC specific tuning  components
Automatic Workload Repository and Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor in RAC
EM Cluster Database  Performance pages

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